For nearly 35 years Motley Crue lived the mantra of "Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll." They are loud, they are proud and they make no apologies for living the rock & roll lifestyle to the max. We will say goodbye to Motley after they announced their final tour for the summer of 2014. Before we're ready to say goodbye, we look back at the top Motley Crue videos of all time.

  • 13

    'If I Die Tomorrow'

    From 'Red, White & Crue'
  • 12

    'Without You'

    From 'Dr. Feelgood'
  • 11

    'Smokin' in the Boys Room'

    From 'Theatre of Pain'
  • 10

    'Same Old Situation'

    From "Dr. Feelgood'
  • 9

    'Saints of Los Angeles'

    From 'Saints of Los Angeles'
  • 8

    'Dr. Feelgood'

    From 'Dr. Feelgood'
  • 7

    'Looks That Kill'

    'From Shout at the Devil'
  • 6

    'Live Wire'

    From 'Too Fast for Love'
  • 5

    Too Young to Fall in Love'

    From 'Shout at the Devil'
  • 4

    'Wild Side'

    From 'Girls, Girls, Girls'
  • 3

    'Home Sweet Home'

    From 'Theatre of Pain'
  • 2

    'Girls, Girls. Girls'

    From 'Girls, Girl, Girls'
  • 1

    'Kickstart My Heart'

    From Dr. Feelgood'