Tonight's Mega Millions Drawing is worth $363 Million Dollars!

As soon as you hear about huge lottery jackpots, it's only natural that you take a mental journey into "Daydream Land". You start imagining every possibility of what you would do if you win the ENTIRE jackpot, or even a little piece of it

So while I was in my own little daydream, I decided I would spend my winnings in my own backyard. Right here on the Jersey Shore.

Here is where my daydreams are taking me and how I will start pissing away $363 mil:

1. I'm going to move into the Jersey Shore House! Hey for $363 million, I should be able to "get it in" also

2. As long as I have seen the movie "National Lampoon's Vacation", I have always been so jealous of the fact the the Griswold's had "Wally-World" all to themselves.  I want in on the fun too! Great Adventure, you are MINE for the day (don't worry, I'll take a bunch of you with)

3. Let's Party in Atlantic City! Sure Vegas is great. Maybe I'll go there NEXT weekend, but for now, let's get rowdy. Think I'll invite a few THOUSAND of my closest friends for a kick-ass party at the pool at Harrah's! ('s MY daydream!)

4. Playboy Mansion-eastcoast! If you build it, they will come! (I'm sure there is land available in Toms River!)

One could dream right?

So if you win the Mega-Millions tonight, how would you spend the money? Comment below