Boss of the Sauce is back!!! This is our 10th year, and once again we are going to find out which restaurant on the jersey Shore has the BEST red based tomato sauce.

Of course once again WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Join us at Jenks in Point Pleasant Beach on Monday April 22nd to sample food from over 20 restaurants, and crown a restaurant “Boss of the Sauce”

Here is one of the restaurants participating in Boss of the Sauce.

Martell's Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant is participating in Boss of the Sauce for the FIRST time.

Assistant General Manager Ed Branigan is excited to be part of Boss of the Sauce, and when asked what are the chances of Tiki Bar being crowned "Boss of the Sauce", he thinks their chances are good because he says "there are not too many skinny guys around here not eating the sauce", and jokes "all the managers eat it, and they are all tipping the scale"

Ed wants everyone to know that the Tiki Bar is under reconstruction but is OPEN. Point Pleasant is OPEN. The boardwalk is OPEN, and they are looking forward to having a fantastic summer in 2013


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