Not everyone recognizes his name, but everyone recognizes the band he led, even though he hasn't been part of Grand Funk Railroad since the late '90s.

Mark Farner turns 64 tomorrow, born September 29, 1948 in Flint, Michigan.

He fronted Grand Funk as their lead singer and lead guitarist and wrote most of the band's songs, including 1970's "I'm Your Captain (Closer to Home)".

Does Mark still have the musical chops he once had?

On Mark's website, you'll find the answer:

"Even after 40 years on the road, some sort of magical transformation takes place when Mark Farner steps on stage. Out of a chrysalis emerges this charismatic alter-ego sprinkled with stardust.

When Mark's on stage he's the consummate professional rocker who's lost none of his chops. His voice is still clear, strong and on key, his guitar playing slick and lightening quick and his trademark prancing still that of a spring chicken.

I defy anyone (other than Mark) to tell you he has ever given a bad show."

Mark's currently on tour in the midwest, and a documentary film on his life, "I'm Your Captain-The Mark Farmer story", is being created with an eye on a 2013 release.