Next week is the Ocean of Love Bill Board Radiothon, and every year I always try to add a  little "something" to the ambiance of my living situation.In case you are unaware i will be living on this "billboard" for 5 days as we raise money for Ocean of Love. Click here to read what Ocean of Love is all about.

Billboard Radiothon 2011

A few years ago, I had a neon palm tree up on the billboard. Last year we incorporated a clothes line to display t-shirts from local businesses. We called the "Laundry Line of Love"









This year, I am thinking a tree hammock. Just like Gilligan! What do you think?

But there is only one problem. I don't own one (lol)

So.....Would anyone be so kind, and let me borrow one for the week? I will mention you while I am living on the billboard

Email me at if you have one I can use.