They're calling a London building a fry-scraper.

You don't usually think of London as being hotter than hell, even in the summer, but when you're near this skyscraper, a.k.a. as the Walkie -Talkie building, you might feel as if you've suddenly entered the tropics.

Due to the glare from the building in the sunshine, people have reportedly fried eggs, cars have been melted and furnishings in a nearby shop have caught fire.

According to, the building has an unusual curved shape which reflects a concentrated beam of sunlight onto the streets below.

Temperatures have reportedly reached a distinctly un-Britain-like 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

Luckily for London, the sun doesn't show up that often.

Unluckily for the guy with this Jaguar, it showed up enough.

Crikey, mate!!