To make it officially a "Local" Summer, we have to be rid of all the tourists and "Bennies". As far back as I can remember, it rains on Labor Day and the few days afterwards.It's OK! It's part of the natural cycle. So what happens during "Local" Summer?

  • Beaches are Free
  • Parkway traffic is considerably lighter
  • Less wait time at restaurants
  • Less boats/Wave Runners on the water
  • Local street/beach festivals
  • Not as many cover charges at bars
  • Parking meters????

Seaside Heights has a bunch of festivals coming up. Que By the Sea. Clown Fest. Classic Car Festival Etc.

So don't be sad that the Summer (that most people know) is over. Just say goodbye to the "Bennies" for about 8 months. The BEST time of the year is here!