Do you ever wonder how you'd react in a deadly situation and whether you'd be able to help save lives?

A library clerk at Sandy Hook Elementary School kept cool and reacted the way we all would hope to by saving the children in her care that horrible day last week in Connecticut.

From an article the New York Daily News:

"A gutsy worker at the Connecticut school rescued 18 kids from the demented gunman by hiding them in a library supply closet as gunshots popped in the hallway outside.

“I shouted, ‘Lockdown!’ ” recalled Mary Ann Jacob on Saturday. “I tried to remain calm. I didn’t want the kids to panic. . . . I just kept thinking, ‘Stay calm.’ ”

The library clerk said a peculiar crackling over the school’s public-address system was the first sign that the quiet December morning had turned deadly about 9:30 a.m.

“It sounded strange,” Jacob told the Daily News. “I knew something was wrong.”

This woman and the children in her care knew the drill was real this time and because Mary Ann Jacob kept her cool and did what needed to be done as quickly as possible, many young lives were spared in the terrible Newtown shooting.