Most of us thought we had heard the last of Larry King. He has moved on from his CNN program and was supposed to be retired. Well one thing that isn't retired is Larry's ego. He has announced that he wants to be frozen when he passes. He makes 1 assumption that is NOT a given. Why would anyone want to thaw HIM out? King at 78 years old is clearly motivated by ego. He has a 52 year old wife, along with a 12 year old kid so he thinks he can live forever. I will bet any listener or reader $100 dollars that his wife wouldn't thaw him out even if they ever find a cure for what killed him. Another thing I think our buddy Larry may have forgotten is that they can't cure OLD AGE!!! No matter what science may due to slow the aging process they will never ever stop it.

Just who does Larry King think he is? Is he a former president? Was he a fine ambassador? He was a mediocre at BEST television host. Are those the kind of guys we need frozen long term? How would Larry King help us solve a problem in a time in crisis? I just can't imagine what a 112 year old Larry King would do to help society. Do you agree that Larry King is too self important on this decision?