For anyone who was fortunate enough to be on board for Kiss Kruise III, I salute you and I am extremely envious.

The Kiss Kruise, in it's 3rd year, gives fans an opportunity to see the band perform in a much more intimate setting, with acoustic shows, as well as full blown in-make-up performances.

Ultimate Classic Rock reports that Kiss really dug out some songs from the "kloset" on this latest voyage. Kiss performed songs this time around that only the die-hard, long-time Kiss fans would truly appreciate, including a reading from "Music from the Elder," acoustic versions of Kiss classics such as 'Comin Home,' 'Parasite,' and 'Take Me.'  Kiss also performed 2 songs for the first-time ever, with 'Anything for My Baby,' and 'Almost Human.'

Below you can view some of the videos from Kiss' performances on the Kiss Kruise:

'"Almost Human"

"Anything for My Baby"

"The Oath"

"Love Her All I Can"

What are some classic Kiss songs you would love to see them perform? Leave your picks in the comment section below.