Many people are furious and outraged by the existence of Kim Kardashian. Between being famous for no real reason & a fake marriage that ended after 72 days there is not a lot to like about her. Rumors are that Kim had a tryst with her ex boyfriend, Miami Dolphins RB Reggie Bush, shortly before filing for divorce. We now know where Kim gets her loose moral compass, her mom Kris. She reveals in her new book that she had a wild adult relations laden affair while married to her 1st husband, the late great Robert Kardashian. So much more makes sense now. It is not all Kim's fault that she has such a seedy past. The apple hasn't fallen very far from the tree. Kris tries to paint a picture that she has been married to 2 great men in Kardashian & current husband Bruce Jenner. What she leaves out is that she got divorced from her 1st husband years before his untimely death do to her own adultery. We ALL hate the Kardashian phenomenon, we just do. I have now found that it is wrong that the venom all goes to Kim, she is NOT the main culprit. It's Kris Jenner, the woman who raised them to be that way.