During the summer it seemed like every celebrity was getting invited to the Marine Corps Ball. Mila Kunis was invited, Betty White, among others. Well only 1 person was patriotic and noble enough to actually follow through on their invitation, Justin Timberlake. When the very brave but also very awkward Cpl. Kelsey De Santis asked Justin to attend on youtube I thought there was literally no way that he would attend. The video is annoying and strange, with hand motions I had never seen before. I don't know if I would accept an invitation from a woman who made such weird gestures, & I am a lot less famous then him. De Santis is an American hero who fights for our country, but I thought the odds of Timberlake actually attending were slim. He came through when it mattered though and truly showed support for our troops. While a lot of celebrities talk a big game, Timberlake in his own way showed that sometimes it's the little things that mean a lot and we can all do more. Watch the video below and comment, would you have gone to the ball with De Santis?