Jon Bon Jovi made a little fan's dream come true.

According to, where you can see photos of the boy and Jon:

One young boy's dreams came true the moment Bon Jovi stepped into his fundraiser for childhood cancer research on Saturday.

The boy, Mario Carpino, had his fourth annual Lemonade Stand/Community Day hoping to raise $60,000 this year for Alex's Lemonade Stand at the Woolwich Fire Company.

Every year the family asked Jon to join, and this year, without anyone expecting it, he did actually show up.

Mario was 4 years old when he was diagnosed with four inoperable brain tumors. Now at 10 years old he has had multiple bouts of chemotherapy, scans and tests.

Seeing Jon Bon Jovi certainly gave this little boy a reason to smile.

Every time Mario greeted someone, during the fundraiser, he would tell them, "Bon Jovi gave me his hat!" :-)