Born October 25, 1944, Jon will forever be the voice--and to me, the heart, soul and spirit-- of Yes, even though he's no longer with the band he founded.

That isn't to disparage any other member of the band.

But Jon's spirituality, his unique "other-worldliness" if you will, in the rock world, always shone brightly when he was at the helm of Yes, and shaped not just the sound of the progressive band but the feel of it.

He was replaced in 2008 after illness kept him off the road for four years.

Jon has been on a solo South American tour, and according to his website, more dates in Argentina will be announced soon as well as a special concert in Chile in late November with the Youth Orchestra of Santiago.

In his past few tours, it's obvious he still has that beloved magic.


"Jon Anderson is as engaging and charming as ever!"
- Howard Whitman, E-Gear Magazine, Philadelphia


"...with the still-sky-high voice wove together tunes from across his career"
- Thomas Kintner, Hartford Courant, Hartford, CT


"Anderson's voice is still remarkable!"
- Victor Fiorillo, The Philly Post


"His gentle, joyful presence brings light into even a darkened room"
- Eri-Chan Listens



In honor of the World Cup to be held in Brazil in 2014, Jon has written a tribute the the event titled "Brasilian Music Sound". Here's a video of Jon's new song created by Victor Cristean: