Fleetwood Mac's bassist celebrates a birthday today, born November 26, 1945 in London, England.

It's been confirmed by Stevie Nicks that a tour is forthcoming for the band whose name in part pays homage to John.

Once married to (former) fellow Fleetwood Mac member Christine (Perfect) McVie, they divorced in 1976.

John drank heavily for years but his alcoholism came to an abrupt end after an alcohol-induced seizure in 1987, and he's been sober since then.

Fleetwood Mac's plan is to go into rehearsals in February, and they're looking at a reunion tour kicking off in April or May.

And according to an article in musicfeeds.com, there's more that Stevie Nicks revealed:

"The frontwoman let slip that there could even be some brand spankin’ new tracks from the group: “Well, actually, maybe like two songs, maybe four, who knows? We don’t really know yet ’cause we’re not in the world of Fleetwood Mac yet.”