As we look back on the tragic day that President John F. Kennedy was shot, many people still feel that his death was not the result of just one mad man.

Talk about a cold case.

On the 50-year anniversary today of Kennedy's assassination on November 22, 1963, a ton of media attention is being directed towards this case that's never really been solved, at least not to the satisfaction of many of us.

According to an online article at The Los Angeles Times, a majority of Americans still believe there’s more to President John F. Kennedy’s assassination than the government concluded. Fifty years after the shooting, 61% think that, at the very least, shooter Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t work alone, according to a new Gallup poll.

One recent presentation of a conclusion about what exactly happened that fateful day really reeled me in (pardon the pun, since it was on the Reelz Channel):  "JFK: The Smoking Gun".

Of course, the theory presented in this documentary is questioned and disputed.

From an article at

"It all makes for an intriguing case. But it has some major holes."

Among them (no terrible pun intended), that there were no solid witnesses to the theory presented (that a Secret Service agent accidentally shot Kennedy in the head).

Do you think the case will ever truly be solved?