Coral, a seal who had lived at Jenkinson's Aquarium since 1992, passed away a few days ago.

From the Jenkinson's Aquarium Facebook:

The Jenkinson's Aquarium family is mourning the loss of one of our harbor seals, Coral. Our 23 year old seal passed away suddenly Saturday night. She had been undergoing medical treatment after a rapid onset of symptoms was noted by her keepers.

Initial necropsy results were inconclusive. Further testing is being done but may take a couple of weeks for the results. As is often the case, a specific cause of death may never be determined.

Coral, and her sister, Seaquin, came to the aquarium in February of 1992 to keep Luseal company. Coral was our daydreamer. She reminded us not to take life so seriously. Coral didn't just make us laugh and smile at her behaviors, she was also an educator. She helped us raise awareness about not only her wild cousins, but also about the importance of clean oceans.

Coral will be deeply missed by everyone who knew her.