Both JCP+L and PSE+G expect power to be restored today to most who lost it during Sandy and the Nor'easter

PSE+G crew at work (Twitter)

JCP+L, who expected most customers who lost power during both Sandy and the Nor'easter restored by Saturday night still has over 18,000 customers in the dark according to their outage map as of 6:25AM mostly in Monmouth, Morris and Ocean counties.

In a posting on their Facebook page JCP+L writes, "Some communities will have their power restored by Sunday evening where our line forces must replace the service wire to their homes." On its Twitter feed, the utility explained, "Sometimes there is an issue affecting one home or small batch of homes on a street."

PSE+G reports only 1600 of its customers who lost power during Sandy, and 3100 who went dark during the Nor'easter. 4000 utility and out-of-state linemen will continue to work to get them restored by Sunday night.

As with JCP+L, many of the remaining PSE+G outages involve the re-connecting of power lines to individual residences.

The utility again reminds those who see surrounding homes with power but their own still without to call them at 1 800-436-7734.

About 100 Orange & Rockland customers have no power. Atlantic City Electric has roughly 2,460 outages.


Restoration maps provided to the Governor’s office by the utilities.