Yep, the long awaited reunion of ex-Foreigner singer Lou Gramm and guitarist, songwriter and founding member of Foreigner, Mick Jones has been announced.

Lou Gramm confirmed a long-hoped-for reunion with former bandmate Mick Jones, according to, but the songs are for solo projects rather than a future studio effort by Foreigner.

“Sometime in September, Mick and I are gonna get together and write some music...I’m excited about it and very much looking forward to it."

Gramm says he's helping Mick with a couple of songs on a solo album that Jones is releasing, and Mick will return the favor and help Lou with a couple of songs on an album that Gramm be releasing next year.

Mick Jones, the only remaining original member of the group, is currently leading Foreigner on tour with Styx and Don Felder.

The ‘Soundtrack of Summer‘ shows continue through July 27.