An old co-worker and a friend of mine (Steve Z) sent me this link today on Facebook.I'm very appreciative of his thoughtfulness BUT I don't really know why he sent it to me..

Now to keep things honest, I only really poop at home. I am not a good public pooper, or as you will learn in the video about the "Out of the closet pooper". I am just NOT that guy. I will poop at work or in a public bathroom, BUT it has to be because all hope is lost, and there is just no way I could possibly make it home.So back to Steve Z, and the video he sent me. I still don't know why he sent this to me. I saw him a few weeks ago, and even though we were quite drunk, pooping wasn't even a subject we discussed. (Or maybe it was)

Anyway. I know a lot of you are contractors, or in construction, but a lot of you do work in an office building. I figured I would pass these "Life-lessons" along to you. Hope this brightens your day!