When I first saw this curved t.v., I thought about how cool it is to be surrounded by a screen and was reminded of my trip to Disneyland and the theme ride, "Soarin' Over California".

Of course, this screen is nowhere as enormous as the theme ride screen, but nevertheless, at 55", with a nice curve to help you see peripherally (and to feel more immersed in the visual), it's pretty nice.

But it's not the curved screen that makes this t.v. truly special, according to cbsnews.com and Editor-at-Large at CNET Brian Cooley, who says the screen is just a sub-headline and the real story is the OLED panel technology:

"....this is the first TV ever that can show black. That is what TVs have always struggled with. Once you get that right, the color and the contrast all come into line."

And, you can watch two shows at once in HD with 3D glasses complete with their own speakers.

But quite frankly, at $9,000, even if I had the money, I wouldn't but this t.v.

And that price actually is a great deal, being it undercuts arch-nemesis LG, whose own 55-inch curved OLED TV is on sale now for $14,999!

(But I do know of 16 people from Ocean County who are probably writing out checks for this right about now). :-D