I wanted to give a nod to the person I believe to be the funniest cartoonist on the planet, but in all good conscience, I could not use his work in my blog.

More on that in a minute, but first, some background.

Gary Larson's  wildly popular The Far Side ran for 15 years and was syndicated to over 900 newspapers all over the world.

Larson ended the single panel cartoon series in 1995 when he retired, which caused an audible collective sigh of disappointment across the globe.

Of course, fans know The Far Side was also published in many collections, reproduced on greeting cards, calendars, end even showed up on T.V. in animated versions.

This heat wave reminded me of "Nerds in Hell" where one nerd turns to the other and says, "Hot enough for ya?" :-D

But then, searching for the cartoon to post, I stumbled upon a heart-felt plea from the brilliant man himself about the use of his hilarious, twisted and dark-humored masterpieces.

Read his open letter to Whom it May Concern at creators.com.