It's a chilling recounting of the devastation of the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, and you don't want to miss it tonight when 'Hurricane 360: Horror on the Jersey Shore' re-airs on the Weather Channel.

The documentary aired last night, and I was riveted to my chair watching (and remembering) how a hurricane named Sandy brought her fury to the Jersey Shore.

It was terrifying to recall the destructive force of that storm and all the many people who suffered (and are still suffering) from the effects of the disaster.

The hour long show airs again tonight at 10 pm on the Weather Channel according to

My co-worker, Justin Louis, from 92.7 WOBM (the Hawk's sister station) was interviewed for this documentary.

Did you see the show last night?

If so, what did you think?

Below: "I can't hold on any longer"... a son's words to his father after he is sucked out by the rushing storm surge from Hurricane Sandy!