The pictures are pretty crazy, right? A motorist in Howell Township cleared only a small portion of his windshield after this weekend's storm, and he left feet of snow on the roof and back window of his car. Plus, the video from this Monday traffic stop in Howell is pretty amazing as well.

The Howell Township police posted photos on Monday of a car that Patrolman John Lopez told WABC-TV, "I thought it was a joke quite frankly. I mean there was about three feet of snow caked onto his car."

The responding officers greeted the driver by saying his actions were: "Irresponsible. Dangerous. Inexcusable," according to the dash cam video played on ABC 7.

The driver told the police that he couldn't reach the snow mounds on his car to remove them. Howell Township Police issued a $75 ticket to the driver. However, they did stop to help the driver clear the snow off his car.

"He looked like an elderly fellow. There was a ton of snow on his vehicle, so we decided to help him out," Vinny Bonner told WABC-TV.

Here's the full report from WABC-TV: