Have you done the shopping yet for your Super Bowl get-together this weekend? If so, your wallet or purse is probably much lighter.

Townsquare Media took a trip to a local supermarket with the goal of figuring out how much it would cost to host a successful Super Bowl party for ten (hungry) guests.

A few sample prices:


Soda: $5.99

Bottled water: $3.99

Beer: $20-40


Chips and dip: $11

Veggie platter: $18.99

Cheese and crackers: $19.99


Tray of buffalo wings: $24.99

3-foot sub: $39.99

Pound of shrimp: $10

Condiments: $10


Super Bowl cake: $12.99

Cookies: $4

Add the paper goods, decorations and whatever else you many need, and the tab could reach nearly $200!

That’s, of course, for the perfect party that more than satisfies every guests’ needs. According to the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, the average game-watching American is expected to spend $63.87 on food, merchandise and apparel.