We all know by now that even though most of us love these sunny summer days, the sun is merciless in the damage it can do to our skin, from burns to premature aging to skin cancer.

What do you do to protect your skin from the sun?

Do you have a favorite sunscreen or sunblock lotion?

I personally always use a sunscreen or sunblock, and in the past when I didn't always use one religiously, I paid for it in hands and forearms that are now sun-damaged.

In fact, when I go to Disneyland in August, I intend to actually get a UV blocking umbrella (otherwise known as a "parasol"--hey, those people in Japan are smart, and so are those ladies from the past, who kept their skin beautiful)!

Check out these UV Protective Umbrellas and tell me if you have (or would) use one (guys, I know damn well you would rather drink battery acid, so therefore I address the question to women). :-D