A $50.6 billion aid package to victims of Sandy passed the House last night.

According to politico.com:

Northeast lawmakers successfully added tens of billions to bring the package more in line with the White House’s initial request last month.

Thirty-eight Republicans joined 190 Democrats on the pivotal 228-192 vote, which effectively tripled the underlying $17 billion bill first recommended by the House Appropriations Committee leadership. Passage followed minutes later on a 241-180 roll call with the great majority of Republicans opposed but also powerless to stop the measure — or to cut the spending levels significantly.

Together with flood insurance monies already approved by Congress, the total Sandy-related assistance would be close to $60.4 billion — a commitment that roughly replicates what the Senate had promised in its aid bill. That was allowed to die in the preceding Congress by Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).

Are you hopeful the Senate will approve this measure quickly? If so, do you think victims will see the help soon?