There are so many beautiful cats waiting for forever homes at shelters.

Many of them will be put down if someone doesn't come to rescue them.

For a couple of years I worked at The Humane Society of Ocean City and I was surrounded by many loving kitties who were waiting to be adopted.

The HSOC is a "no-kill" facility, which is the only reason I was able to work there.

Had it been a "kill" shelter, I'd never have survived the first day without bringing every animal on death-row home with me!!

That's not to say kill shelters have uncaring people working there.

On the contrary, many people who are brave enough to work where so few others will are there to comfort and love the animals until their last breath, and they do the heartbreaking work that most of us couldn't do ourselves.

The fact is, there are just too many animals and not enough space to house all the homeless cats and dogs out there.

That's why at the HSOC, as well as shelters throughout this country, no pet is ever adopted out without being spayed or neutered first.

I'm an animal advocate and try to make people aware of the neglect and cruelty that all animals, not just cats and dogs, endure in this world at the hands of Man.

Animals raised for food are among the most abused creatures on this earth.

But that's for another blog.

I began to adopt so many loving kitties from the HSOC when I worked there, that I was starting to fear I was rapidly becoming the poster girl for crazy cat ladies. lol

Right now I have three cats I adopted from the shelter (one a three-legged wonder), and they're all special and loving in their own way.

Have you ever adopted a shelter cat? If not, would you consider it?