Mine gave me a warm house to sleep in when Sandy knocked out my power.

I'm aching for those who've had to endure cold nights without heat. If they had a gel-fuel fireplace, they'd be toasty warm.

And these things are safe, convenient, vent-free, portable, eco-friendly, simple to use, and beautiful.

They're also smoke-free, ash-free and soot-free.

My sister and her husband sent me one for Christmas a few years ago and I loved it the moment it arrived (after some muttered cursing while putting it together).

It's fueled with a real fire that crackles and, here's the important part for when you have no heat, it puts out some major warmth.

It runs with gel fuel cans--simple to store, simple to use. You literally just place them in the fireplace behind the ceramic "log" and light.


I love this thing and had to share the information about it because you might want to think about buying one yourself.

And the best part is, even if you never have to use it for when you lose power, it's beautiful and safe--and the ambiance it lends on a cold winter night, especially during the holidays, can't be beat.

I don't know how I ever lived without one.

I've looked for them in area stores, such as Lowes and Home Depot, where you'd expect to find them, but they just aren't available in retail stores from what I can see.

But they are available in many different styles and sizes online.

Just think, you'll be ready for the next power outage with at least some heating for your home, and until then you can enjoy a gorgeous fireplace that is maintenance-free, vent-free and couldn't be simpler to use.

And if you have an unused traditional fireplace, they make gel-fuel log inserts to instantly convert it!

(Now all I have to do now is figure out how to get paid for this commercial like the woman in the video below). :-P