So you might have seen my story about the Hawk's Bayville studios allegedly being haunted by the ghost of a former radio guy.

You probably also saw the article this week on the Toms River couple that ran screaming (so to speak) from their rental home when they discovered they weren't the only tenants.

I myself grew up in a haunted house in Old Bridge. 

Yes, I "sense" dead people.  No, I don't "see dead people", but sometimes "I hear dead people" (talking).

Don't worry, the voices haven't told me to do anything.  Yet.

We had two spirits.  One was playful and would turn t.v.'s on and off, hide things and then bring them back out again, and generally just made you feel you were being watched all the time.  I got so used to him/her (it lived in my bedroom), I sometimes forgot the spirit was even there.

The other one had a dark vibe and was best left alone.

Though the evil one didn't actually do anything that I can recall, it's presence was palpable.  So much so that I never talked about it with my sister until years later after we were long gone from that home.  We then discovered that not only did we both sense his/her presence in our parents' bedroom closet, but so did my cousin, who used to visit us a couple of times a year.  Our cousin had never mentioned it while we lived there, either.

When my father heard us talking about the dark spirit, he got very quiet and just said, "I felt something mean in that house and especially in my bedroom".

I hear The Twilight Zone theme music again.