Today is the 40th birthday of Monmouth University's radio station, where Varacchi and Producer Steve (and many others) got their start!

On May 2nd, 1974, Monmouth College's WMCX began broadcasting on 88.1fm. With only a 10 watt signal, the station could only be heard within a radius of 2–3 miles of campus. In September 1987, the station moved to 88.9fm and increased power to 1,000 watts. In addition to playing college rock, WMCX is also home to a news department and all of the sports teams at Monmouth.

When I started at MU, the station was located on the top floor of the Student Center. In the Fall of 2002 the station relocated to the Jules L. Plangere Jr. Center for Communication and Instructional Technology.

This is incredibly embarrassing, but I found the old demo I created when I was graduating and looking for a job.  Based on this, I can't believe I ever went anywhere in this industry.

HOLY CRAP.  I sounded like I was doing an impression of Steven Wright from Reservoir Dogs.

Here's a few pictures too, the first is from my freshman year, the second is a group shot featuring a beardless Producer Steve in the middle, and the last is a massive group shot of the whole staff.

Varacchi, Producer Steve, and more
the WMCX crew from 2003