So this year on October 26th I will be turning 31 years old. (Pardon me while I hurl).
Last year on my 30th birthday I didn’t want a party….I forbid my family from doing anything big for me because I just wasn’t into it…..didn’t want to celebrate….didn’t feel like partying….

So this year I decided why not have a birthday gathering to celebrate me being over the 30 year hump….and being OK with it. I know, some of you are rolling your eyes right now….saying “Oh I wish I was still 30!! You’re still a baby!!” Might be true….but it doesn’t make the fact that my 20s are gone any easier to deal with…..

With that being said….the party…..October 27th is usually the day when places have their Halloween festivities going on….so why not turn my 31st birthday into a Halloween bash! Have everyone dress up and have a great time??

My Halloween Costume….Army Babe!

What are you dressing up as this year??? And do you dress up your animals???  I used to dress mine up before my ex took them….Here is Penny from Halloween 2010 and 2011