Governor Chris Christie may be a huge Springsteen fan but apparently needed some down time during the Boss’ latest show at Madison Square Garden. Fans in attendance caught the Governor nodding off during the show, according to the New York Post.


Governor Christie has said that he’s seen over 100 Bruce performances in his lifetime. Fans reported that Christie was high energy for the majority of the show but started to fade during Springsteen’s performance of the song “Rocky Ground.” One fan even shouted at Christie to “Wake Up, Governor!”

In fairness, the Governor has been on a whirlwind tour lately, visiting Israel last week, then returning to be a guest speaker yesterday at the Republicans Tax Conference in New York City.


Maybe if the Governor needed a break, he should’ve waited for the Boss to discuss politics. Springsteen has made this a staple of his shows in  recent years to break the show up by discussing his politics with the crowd. Maybe that may have been a more opportune time for the Governor to catch a couple winks?