People usually say they'd love to die while having sex, and of course we're talking big death, not "little death".

But when you think about some real out-with-a-bang deaths, you might not think it's so cool (or hot) after all.

Hollywood actor Errol Flynn most likely died during the act, or at the very least right afterwards.

According to, after a week-long party bender, Flynn retired to the bedroom of his yacht with a lady and never re-emerged. He had suffered from heart failure and his body was found shortly thereafter.

And then there's INXS's erotic lead singer, Michael Hutchence, who could make a monk look sexy.



According to the coroner's report, Michael Hutchence's untimely death in his Sydney, Australia hotel room in 1997 was initially ruled a suicide.

But many fans and family members claimed that the actual cause was autoerotic asphyxiation or "death by suffocation" while masturbating, and two years later his ex-wife Paula Yates publicly confirmed her belief that autoerotic asphyxia was what actually killed Hutchence.

How about the charming, warm and witty leader of the Hunnic Empire, the lady-killer (that probably works literally, too), Attila the Hun.

Circa 450 AD, Attila (c.406 - 453) king of the Huns, a nomadic Asian people who terrorised the Roman Empire with the help of the Ostrogoths and Vandals. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)


Attila was allegedly having a go at it with his newest of many wives when she broke his nose and the bleeding turned to hemorrhaging and killed him.

Karma, anyone?

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