By now you know we are giving you the trip of a lifetime to see the Rolling Stones live in ROME ITALY.

We are calling the contest "Stoned in Rome".

Seeing the Rolling Stones in Rome Italy is ABSOLUTELY legal. (as long as you have a passport i guess)

But we have been getting phone calls from listeners asking if Marijuana is legal to smoke in Italy. (I love our listeners)

I'm going to have to go with the answer "NO", but there are some "buts" involved it seems.

It appears marijuana has been decriminalized in Italy, BUT it is still ILLEGAL.

According to

In Roma, possession of small amount of marijuana intended for personal use is tolerated. Smoking a joint of weed will not bring you to jail. Up to 5 grams is acceptable. However, possession with commercial intent is punishable under the Italian law. Marijuana is illegal and so with any action related to it. If you smoke marijuana at home or in piazza, the police will not bother you. They do not really even care on those people smoking a joint but they do if you will be smoking right in front of them. The police are lenient in Roma, as long as you do not do your activities obviously.

Read more here.

Doing a little more research, I found this:

According to Wikipedia: Possession of small amounts for personal use is a misdemeanor subject to fines and the suspension of documents (passports and/or drivers licenses). The sale of cannabis products is illegal and punishable by imprisonment; cultivation is likewise punishable by imprisonment, even if in small amounts and for exclusive personal use. Licensed cultivation for medical and industrial use is strictly regulated


Check out the complete list of country's and their drug laws here

Bottom line...You are taking a risk if you decide to REALLY get stoned in Rome.

Saying "The Hawk said it's OK", is not an acceptable answer.