If you've been lucky enough to see Get the Led Out, the "American Led Zeppelin", you know this band is spot on in recreating the music of the greatest rock band in the world.

I was lucky enough while on vacation last week to catch this band (my second time seeing them) in Ocean City, and they didn't disappoint.

In fact, GTLO is so incredible at bringing the music alive that if you close your eyes you'd swear you could well be listening to Zeppelin right off their complex albums, well known for their full use of layering and other production techniques.

They're so precise at recreating all the nuances, that it takes six separate musicians plus a guest musician to bring the music to life.

All the musicians are top-notch, of course, but the lead singer, Paul Sinclair, literally made me feel he was being taken over by Robert Plant's very soul.

If you haven't seen this amazing group of musicians, you're in luck, because they'll be playing the Wellmont Theater in Montclair on August 23rd.

The lead singer joked that since O.C. is a dry town, the band had its reservations about playing there but found out they had no worries--the sold-out show was filled with people just like me: absolutely delirious with joy at such an electrifying performance.

For a complete tour schedule, visit gtlorocks.com.

GTLO photo by Rich DeSisto
GTLO photo by Rich DeSisto
GTLO photo by Rich DeSisto