I don't mean to be hyperbolic, but Thiensville, Wisconsin resident Bill Wisth is one of the bravest defenders of liberty in the history of the United States.

In defiance of tyranny, Wisth has gone public with his dispute over the all-you-can-eat policies at Chuck's Place Family Restaurant. After a dozen pieces, the 6'6" 350-pound man was denied his inalienable right to more fish at the restaurant's Friday Fish Fry.

After a call to the local police department didn't satiate Wisth's appetite for justice, he took to the streets, protesting in front of the restaurant with a picket sign.

The restaurant fired back, noting that they've had problems with Wisth before, including extending him a running tab that he has yet to pay.

Hungry for satisfaction, Wisth has vowed to protest weekly until the restaurant changes its all-you-can-eat policy.