On any normal day, if we heard that the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Anthony Kiedis was involved with the Rolling Stones, we'd be doing cartwheels. Kiedis made the news with the Stones but not for any type of reason that we would have thought.    According to Loudwire, Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis got into a brawl with two security guards outside the Four Seasons hotel in Philadelphia. Even more interesting, it wasn’t even hotel security that Kiedis had the confrontation with — they were apparently bodyguards for the Rolling Stones, who were also staying in the same hotel.

The footage is somewhat shaky at times, but Kiedis can be seen and heard screaming out, “I live here!” as one bodyguard fell to the ground. Police calmly converged onto the scene almost immediately, as did some unknown passer-by in a white shirt and black hat who wound up being shoved into a baggage cart by security. After Kiedis and the guard he tussled with made peace, Kiedis reportedly told TMZ, “I love the Rolling Stones.”


Check out the footage of the altercation in the video below.