Just in case you were wondering what were some of the less entertaining Halloween movies, here are five to avoid this Halloween. If you're looking for some frightening movies this Halloween, these aren't the ones except for how frighteningly bad they are.

Leprechaun in the Hood -

The only way to you can consider yourself to have the Luck of the Irish is if you're not forced to watch this flick.

Halloween 3 - Season of the Witch

After 2 of the most classic scary movies of all time with Halloween 1 & 2, Halloween 3 is an absolute bomb and has absolutely NOTHING to do with Michael Myers. In the trailer it states, "Season of the Witch, the night No One came home." Yes and apparently it was also the night no one watched this movie either.

Ghoulies -

These little monsters that were supposedly raised from the underworld but wound up looking like a cross-breed between the Gremlins and the Garbage Pail Kids.

Bride of Chucky -

Let me say, there was nothing wrong with Chucky, the creepy killer doll. But once you stretched is so far that you needed to find Chucky a bizarro Barbie bride, it time to put the sequels back in the toy box for good.

Jason X

How do you know when you've made too many sequels? When you're movie resembles Jason X. Jason gets blasted off to terrorize people in outer space. And judging by this flick, there really is no intelligent life up here.

What other bad horror movies should be on this list? Leave your comments below.