It was one more step closer to normalcy today on the Jersey Shore.

The rebuilding of the Seaside Heights boardwalk is officially underway.Officials, residents, and a big group of visitors of Seaside Heights gathered outside the Beachcomber  Bar for a ceremony to drill the first pylon back into the ground to rebuild the boardwalk that was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. The drilling was also accompanied by the Shamrock and Thistle Bagpipers.

According to Townsquare Media Reporter Jason Allentoff:

The Borough Council approved a contract for $3.6 million dollars with Millstone-based Sidd & Associates.  They are required to get the job done by May 10th or they will be fined $7,500 a day until finished.

Jay Siddiqui, Sidd & Associates’ president, said they will start out working eight to 10 hours per day Monday through Friday, but if they feel they are running behind, they will work longer hours for six days to meet their deadline.  They are confident they will be able to get it done in time.

Seaside Heights, NJ