I had the great fortune of going to the New York Jets/ New England Patriots game this past weekend at Metlife Stadium. It was supposed to be a highly contested matchup between 2 of the top teams in the AFC. No matter who you root for, how can you not be pumped up for a game of this magnitude? Apparently not everyone was as excited for the game as they should’ve been. We weren’t far into the 1st quarter of the game, some of the fans are up, yelling, rooting, as they should be, when all of a sudden from a couple rows back you hear ‘HEY! Down in front!’ Wait, what?

This obviously caught me by surprise as this was not something I expected to be hearing in the 1st quarter of a nationally televised event. Although I was not standing at the time, a handful of people around me were, including an elderly man, who was attending the game with his daughter & son in law, as well as a Veteran (it was Veteran’s Appreciation Day no less) and his wife. They all were up on their feet rooting on their Jets. A minute or so go by and once again, louder this time we all hear ‘DOWN IN FRONT!’ All of us in the small area of our section had quizzical looks on our faces and before any of us could react, here comes security. Seriously?

Apparently one couple did not want to partake in the standing, cheering and rooting and complained to security about the handful of people that were. The security guard told this elderly man and his daughter they had to sit down because they were hindering other people’s line of sight of the game. The daughter by the way, was all of 4’11 and she explained that unless she was standing, even if people were sitting, it’s difficult for her to see. While the security guard was somewhat sympathetic, all they could say to the woman was ‘Mam, please take your seat.’ Are you kidding me?


This happened three to four more times during the game to different people around the area of where I was sitting, including to my nephew sitting next to me, who was enjoying the game and was told he had to sit because ‘you’re a bit too tall sir and people behind you can’t see.’  All the complaints coming from the same couple every single time. Again, I just sat there and shook my head in astonishment.

I know security has a job to do. I get that. If they get a complaint they have to handle it. Fine. But when does common sense and the ‘greater good’ for the majority over rule the complaints of 2 people? What if those 2 people were seated behind the Jets’ #1 fan, Fireman Ed? Would they tell him to sit down too?

While everyone should have a great experience at a game, remember, it’s a GAME, there is standing, rooting and cheering. If you don’t enjoy that, do the rest of us a favor and stay home, watch the game on your couch and you can yell at the family dog ‘HEY! Down in front,’ all you want.