After a long off-season, the Slaughterhouse is pumped up for the NFL season to begin this week. As an avid fan of metal music, there is nothing better than when you have the chance to combine the loud ear-piercing music with football. Fortunately for us, ESPN found a way to do just that for us.

John Clayton is a well-respected NFL analyst for ESPN that has been with the company for almost 20 years. The normally reserved Clayton apparently has a much darker side off camera. Sportscenter anchor Neil Everett is narrating the commercial and discussing how Clayton is the consummate professional and is ready to go at any moment he is needed.

Then the camera pans to the end of an interview segment with Clayton and you get a very interesting behind the scenes look at the analyst once he goes off air. As the camera turns off, Clayton rips off a mock suit top and underneath reveals a cutoff Slayer t shirt. His bedroom where he filmed the interview is full of rock posters and Slayer is the soundtrack is blaring in the background. Clayton lets his hair out of a pony tail and then goes and jumps back on his bed to continue eating out of a Chinese food container.

You can watch this classic video below and find out for yourself why John Clayton has become the new favorite sports commentator of the Saturday Night Slaughterhouse.