At least 30 people have been evacuated from a plant at the Lakewood Industrial Park after being contaminated with liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide

Rescue crews respond to possible chemical spill in Lakewood (


Rescue crews at a chemical spill in Lakewood (  reports an MCI scene was established after a number of people complained of feeling sick and light headed at the building on Lehigh Avenue building that houses Cuisine Ovations. They were all taken to area hospitals.  Most of the injuries were respiratory in nature and not life threatening.

Hazmat teams remain on the scene continuing to clean up the area which should be avoided.

Both materials are colorless and odorless. According to the CDC, carbon dioxide can cause headache, dizziness, restlessness, paresthesia; dyspnea (breathing difficulty); sweating, malaise (vague feeling of discomfort); increased heart rate, cardiac output, blood pressure; coma; asphyxia; convulsions and frostbite (liquid, dry ice)

Liquid nitrogen, according to Airgas, is colorless and odorless. Direct contact with eyes and skin can cause frostbite and asphyxiation when inhaled directly. It is used to keep foods frozen for shipping.

Jason Allentoff contributed to this report


Crews at Lakewood chemical spill (