Yesterday, Nike and the NFL unveiled the newly redesigned uniforms for all 32 of the league's teams. The question now is... who cares!?

Aside from Nike logos where Reebok logos used to be, the 2012-2013 uniforms are not strikingly different than what was worn this past season. The Seattle Seahawks were the only team whose field wear received any drastic changes.

This off-season has been one of the most interesting in recent league history.

We had discussion over where former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning would play next season, ending with Manning's signing with the Denver Broncos. Then we had more uproar over Denver's starting QB Tim Tebow signing with the New York Jets. There's a ton of buzz around Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, two star college quarterbacks who will likely go first and second in the NFL draft on April 26. And let's not forget the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal and the suspension of head coach Sean Peyton.

With so many compelling stories, football fanatics have had plenty to keep them busy before September. Doesn't the big deal being manufactured over some uniforms just seem stupid?