First off, I think you'll agree that the guy in this video clip is a wise man, and gives impeccable advice on how to deal with difficult neighbors. And I say that without sarcasm.

But it was a story with a "for sale" sign picture you have got to see on one of the Hawk's sister stations that makes me ask the question about whether you deal with impossible neighbors.

I'm lucky and I know it because I have the coolest neighbors ever.

I have neighbors so nice that they will not only not get upset that my tree fell on their fence, but they'll offer to cut down the tree, refuse to take any money for it, and tell me not to sweat it.

You can't make this up. This particular neighbor was friends with my father (I inherited my house from my parents) and is just a sweetheart. His wife is great, too.

I have another neighbor who will often cook her wonderful rice and beans from her authentic Puerto Rican recipe,  make sure there's no meat in it just for me, and bring it to my house hot off the stove when I come home from work.

But some of you aren't that blessed.

Some of you, in fact, judging by the number of youtube videos that document it, are surrounded by people who make having Jeffrey Dahmer for a neighbor look like Mr. Rogers.

I'm sorry for you.

So here's a place you can vent about it.

Tell me your horror stories.