Although we all do something duh now and then, there are those who appear to have been in training for this award for most of their lives.


Yesterday, Hawk Honey Rachael observed a man who apparently was one of those special people who believe that boating during thunderstorms is a perfectly good idea.


This is what Rachael posted on her facebook page:


'THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN MY LIFE: It's thunder storming out and I get stopped at a bridge because some guy decided to go boating.'


Examples of actual Darwin Award winners from


1. Thinking he was drinking alcohol, Gary picked up a salsa jar and took a swig of gasoline. After spitting it up onto his clothing, he recovered from the shock by lighting a cigarette...


2. Investigative journalism reaches a new "low" when a reporter freezes to death in an effort to get inside the lives of those who sleep rough...


Darwin Awards Honorable Mention:


For reasons that have yet to be explained, two 24-year-olds (identified as a man and a woman) invaded the property of an oil drilling company located 75 miles east of Dallas. Four oil/water storage units located on the property seemed, to the trespassers, to be ideal platforms for a 3-AM cigarette break. In the wee hours of the morning, they climbed up and lit up, thereby setting the tank and themselves on fire.


These people, if they survive, are having children.


Which reminds me of one of my favorite movies: