Rock n Roll and cupcakes? How could you go wrong?

This weekend my girlfriend and I spent some time wandering through Asbury Park, and our trip included a stop at "Confections of a Rock$tar" on Cookman Avenue.

It's a great looking place, with bright pink walls covered in rock gear like drums, guitars, drumsticks, and lots of pictures. The rock motif continues to the baked goods, from the Springsteen-inspired "Tunnel of Love" cannoli, to "S'More Than A Feeling" s'mores cupcakes, to Elvis's favorite "Don't Be Cruel" cupcake which features banana, peanut butter, and bacon.

Owner Kimmee Masi is no stranger to music and baking.  Her baking pedigree comes from working in her father's bakery, and her musical side includes being the drummer for local rockers Our Last Sin.

You can check out their website at and find them on facebook!