Boss of the Sauce is back!!! This is our 10th year, and once again we are going to find out which restaurant on the jersey Shore has the BEST red based tomato sauce.

Of course once again WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Join us at Jenks in Point Pleasant Beach on Monday April 22nd to sample food from over 20 restaurants, and crown a restaurant “Boss of the Sauce”

Here is one of the restaurants participating in Boss of the Sauce

Chef Mike's ABG in Seaside Park is open once again since the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

One of Chef Mike's objectives is to "wave the white flag" and let everyone know that they are BACK! He is also focusing on making the dining experience at Atlantic Bar and Grill AFFORDABLE without lacking the quality that customers are used to at ABG.

Chef Mike is entering Boss of the Sauce for the first time, and he is ready to take on all competitors with his red based tomato sauce

We stopped by the restaurant for a Boss of the Sauce taste test, and it was a taste test LIKE NO OTHER!! You gotta check it out.

Check out the video below