Bye weeks are intolerably long, and the anticipation leading up to the Super Bowl leaves us starving for some action. Rugby doesn't quite cut it, so here are my [Top5] football movies to feed your addiction!

5 - Rudy

The reason that this falls to number 5 is that in the years after release, it seems like nearly everything about this movie has been revealed as fiction. Everybody knows that when a movie is "based on a true story" we can expect some embellishment for dramatic purposes, but some of the best moments of this movie were just completely made up.


4 - The Program

Somewhat unknown, but a fun look into a college football program. It includes some pretty ridiculous exaggerations, but it also includes a young Halle Berry and Kristy Swanson.


3 - Any Given Sunday

When I first saw this movie years ago, I loved it.  I tried to watch it again recently, and I had totally forgotten just how manic Oliver Stone's editing is.  The story is still good, but the overabundance of edits can be distracting.


2 - Remember the Titans

This is one of those "stop and watch" movies.  Like "Rudy", I understand that a lot of it was Disney-fied, but I'll still sit down and watch whenever I see it on TV.


1 - Varsity Blues

Football and babes. That's pretty much it.