The main character loves women (obviously) but isn't out to bed as many as possible, nor to fall in love with each of them as individuals. He just simply loves women, each and every one; blonde, brunette, redhead, tall, short, skinny, heavy, flat, curvy, head-to-toe. The movie follows his life story as he writes his memoir.


Edge-of-your-seat tension for two solid hours. Slow camera technique, in-depth character development, shocking visuals. All of that adds up to a truly engrossing experience.


I don't recommend this movie to any females, especially mothers or those who are currently pregnant. The protagonist of this movie is a pregnant woman, being terrorized by a stranger. It's traumatic enough because of the baby aspect, but the gore factor is sickening on top of it. Maybe calling it a "favorite" is incorrect, but I think it's one of the best.


A true favorite of mine, be it French or just movies in general. Take some based-on-true-events historical drama, add in action (regular fighting and martial arts), some sex, lots of violence, and put the werewolf mythology on top of it all.


Similar to "Inside", it's hard to say this is a "favorite".  I'm pretty desensitized to movie violence at this point, but after watching this, I felt sick. I just sat still for a few minutes after, unable to really move and process what I saw. The entire movie is brilliantly done, telling a story in reverse scene-by-scene. We know the outcome, but we don't know what lead up to it. There are also two scenes that really make this a movie that I loved but will likely never watch again.